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Welcome to Internet Infection Control Resources. This Internet site was created to assist health care workers in long term care find the most current information about infection control on the Internet. If there are internet sites you would like to see included or there are topics not listed here that you would like information on, please contact us today.

Broad Street Solutions provides education and resources to maintain and improve your healthcare facility's Infection Control Program. We offer interim infection control personnel, lectures and written information on infection control. Infection Control is one of the top seven Patient Safety Goals in 2006.


- Acute Care Hospital
- Skilled Nursing Facility
- Other healthcare settings

Acute Care Hospital

- Best Practice Review: Measures your policy and practice with evidence based recommendations

- Interim Infection Control Professional: When your infection control coordinator leaves, we provide an interim ICP to continue your infection control program. We can assist in the search for qualified permanent ICP.

- Compliance and readiness review: Using local, state, federal and other accrediating agencies requirements, we can help you get ready or correct missed opportunities.

-Telecommuting Infection Control Professional (T-ICP)- We provide an experienced ICP to perform surveillance and policy updates using information technology. Hospitals with electronic medical records and a secure internet access can have the benefits of infection control professionals from a remote location. Please contact us for more information.

Skilled Nursing Facility

- Scheduled (monthly or quarterly) on-site visits
- Survey readiness
- Plan of Correction
- Inservices on Infection Control
- Outbreak support

Other healthcare settings

- Through our infection control network and refer you to other available resources


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