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James Marx, RN, MS, CIC
Infection Control and Epidemiology Consultant
(619) 656-7887



A review of the infection surveillance data can be done at the facility's request. Data collected can be put in graphic form for easier presentation.

  • Before the quarterly infection control committee meeting, we can review the summary of all bacteriology cultures done over the past three months.
  • In addition we will review the antibiogram of all isolated bacteria and their sensitivity patterns are generated each quarter. This enables the facility to identify the emergence of antibiotic resistance within the facility, and helps guide the physician in empirical antibiotic treatment.
  • Evaluation of the infection surveillance system can be done at any time.  

Antibiotic Utilization Review for cost savings

  • Unmonitored antibiotic use in a facility can cost hundreds of dollars. This service examines the use and indications of antibiotics.
  • Inappropriate use of antibiotics frequently leads to antibiotic resistant microorganisms (like MRSA). Our goal is to prevent the occurrence of MRSA and other resistant bacteria.  

Policy/procedure review

  • A review of all departmental policies related to infection control is available. Patient care related policies are required to be reviewed annually according to licensing regulations.
  • We recommend updating your current Infection Control Manual. As a reference, we use the Infection Control Manual and Resource Book for Nursing Homes written by Nancy Satterfield of Eldercare Consultants, Inc., 1995 and listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a resource for long term care facilities.  

Inservice education programs

  • Inservice classes to the staff on topics relevant to infection control. Examples are the annual review of Universal Precautions and the OSHA Bloodborne Exposure Control Plan; disease specific topics, such as MRSA, Hepatitis A-E, Tuberculosis and HIV disease; and infection prevention strategies, such as prevention of pneumonia, urinary tract infection, influenza and pressure ulcer infection.  

Physical plant review

  • A walk-through of the facility is done at the request of the facility. A written report of findings along with recommendations is provided. Some areas reviewed are appropriate use of personal protective equipment, nursing, review of housekeeping procedures, waste handling and storage of equipment.  

Contingency plans for outbreaks  

  • Should you suspect an outbreak or other infection control related occurrence, we are available to answer your questions and provide support.
  • An epidemiologic investigation of the problem can be initiated at the request of the facility. We can provide a written report of the findings and recommendation for further action.  

Special projects

  • This would include changes or additions to regulatory requirements, such as the latest OSHA Guidelines for the Control of Tuberculosis.



  • Infection Control Walk Through with written evaluation
  • Surveillance System assessment
  • Policy/procedure review
  • Inservice education programs (Lecture and Video Tape)
  • Contingency plans for outbreaks
  • Updated policies for changing regulations (OSHA, OBRA, State)
  • Latest CDC references for prevention of infection
  • Antibiotic Utilization Review
  • Isolation System Review, using the 1996 CDC Guidelines
  • Infection Control School for Long Term Care Nurses


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