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When a cholera epidemic hit England in 1854, Dr. John Snow described it as "the most terrible outbreak of cholera which ever occurred in this kingdom." It provided him with an opportunity to test his theory, that water carried cholera.

By charting the incidence of the disease, he showed that over 500 cases occurred within 10 days over a radius of some 250 yards centered on London's Broad Street. He looked for some poison which he believed came from the excreta of cholera patients and was swallowed by the new victims. A common factor was their use of water from the Broad Street pump that had been polluted with sewage. Snow had traced the pipelines of various water companies and showed that one was infected by cholera.

By the methodical process of elimination, he proved his point: A workhouse in that area had its own private well, and there were only 5 deaths among its 535 inmates. A brewery on Broad Street likewise never used the water from the Broad Street pump, and it had no cases among its 70 workers. The solution was to remove the handle at the Broad Street pump, which elimiated the continuence of the epidemic.

The company name, Broad Street Solutions, recognizes the importance of epidemiology in infection control.

For more information see Dr. John Snow and the London cholera epidemic of 1854 and Map of London cholera epidemic of 1854.


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